Revision Resources

Mechanics treasure hunt – Word – A really nice revision activity. I got the template for this off laura.reeshughes who shared it on the TES website. I used ideas from UKMT team challenges to give it an extra twist.

Revision cards – PDF – Revision cards for students to print off, cut out, and write examples on the back..

Big 50 M1 – PDF – The Big 50 Revision Guidelines for M1

Mindmap – Word- Print out on A3 paper

Mechanics student record sheet – Excel – Use after you finish the course to decide students weaker areas. Can be updated on an ongoing basis.

SUVAT poster – Word

Formulae For Mechanics You Must Know – Word

Mechanics 1 revision notes

AQA June 2014 Mechanics 1B Exam paper

AQA June 2013 Mechanics 1B Exam paper

AQA Jan 2013 Mechanics 1B Exam paper

AQA Jan 2012 Mechanics 1B Exam paper

This is probably one of the coolest youtube videos I have ever seen. Genius.

Don’t worry, use SUVAT

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      May 18, 2013 at 11:38pm

      Thanks. Have been getting quite a few requests so will try and do another paper before the exam on Friday.. Hope your 100 questions are going well

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